SSCP (Switzerland)

Swiss Society for Coaching Psychology (SSCP)

In June 2006, the Swiss Society for Coaching Psychology was founded in Berne, Switzerland. On the basis of the English name, a uniform abbreviation for multilingual Switzerland was created.

SSCP is an affiliated association of the Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP,, which is an umbrella organisation for university-educated psychologists. Today, the Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP) comprises about 6000 members. In June 2010 the specialization title “coaching psychology” and the SSCP-curriculum were accepted by FSP. SSCP has been organizing seminars in coaching psychology since 2008 (see academy).

SSCP members are qualified and experienced practitioners. They have a university degree in psychology and have undergone advanced training in coaching. Currently, the certification procedure for the new specialization title in coaching psychology is prepared.


Nicole Gilgen & Isabelle Zumwald

Co-Presidents SSCP