APS CPIG (Australia)

Australian Psychological Society, Coaching Psychology Interest Group

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) created the Interest Group Coaching Psychology (IGCP) at its Annual Meeting in August 2002; it has grown to become one of the largest membership groups in the APS.

IGCP, was renamed in 2014, becoming the Coaching Psychology Interest Group (CPIG) to emphasis its purpose. Its intent has continued to be that of enabling dialogue, information sharing and education, between APS members involved in this expanding area of practice.

While Coaching is well established as a major strategy in organizational development and individual L&D interventions; its emergence as an integral tool in the pursuit of wellbeing, educational success, and sport is exciting. As it is this expansion that’s embracing evidence and insights from domains such as cognitive and neuro science.

Supporting coaches across all these endeavors, CPIG facilitates the theoretical, applied and professional development of Coaching Psychology as a rapidly growing theoretical and applied sub-discipline of Psychology.

As the application of coaching is used by a broader spectrum of practitioners, this will both expand and challenge our notion of coaching. In response to this CPIG continues to pursue the vision of “excellence in coaching”, and our mission remains promoting the contribution of “psychology” to best practice coaching.

This mission is expressed through the compounding benefits of coaching psychology throughout every stage of the coaching process; and its application across an array of complex environments, in the pursuit of success, optimal performance, health and wellbeing, effective and ethical leadership etc.

We all recognize the impact of technology, science, politics, shifting markets and innovation, is rapid, complex and dynamic; we also recognize there are both opportunities and responsibilities for coaching psychology to evolve and contribute. We look forward to addressing these challenges with all of you from a global perspective.


Vickie Prazer

APS CPIG National Convener