SIGCP, Ireland

Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology, Psychological Society of Ireland,

The Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology was set up in 2018. It was originally a sub-group of the Division of Work and Organisational Psychology (DWOP) which was set up in 2008. Its membership base has grown and diversified to include professionals devoted to work performance, cultural change, motivation, individual and team health/wellbeing, stress management, solution-focused change, as well as mindfulness, mindset adjustment, and lifestyle reorientation. Ultimately, any need, context, or situation where positive change can benefit a wide array of organisations, groups, and/or individuals. We focus equally on client development as well as practitioner skills and competencies. Our primary aim is to act as the representative voice for psychological coaching theory and practice in Ireland.Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology website.

NB. The Psychological Society of Ireland, Division of Work & Organisational Psychology’s Coaching Psychology Group (DWOP’s CPG) was set up in April 2008.