SIOPSA IGCCP (South Africa)

SIOPSA Interest Group in Coaching & Consulting Psychology, South Africa (IGCCP SA)

The importance of authentic leadership in the workplace continues to accelerate globally, and Coaching and Consulting Psychology, in particular, have received much attention.

The IGCCP Story

SIOPSA formed the Consulting in Psychology Interest Group during the annual conference in June 2006. Our interest group has, since its inception, focused primarily on establishing and growing a sustainable framework for Consulting – and now both Coaching and Consulting Psychology – in South Africa.

Coaching has, since 2007, steadily gained traction within the South African organisational context. Dr Aletta Odendaal was invited, in 2008, to participate in a global dialogue to facilitate the development of coaching. This culminated in SIOPSA signing the Global Coaching Community (GCC) Dublin Declaration on Coaching.

SIOPSA was then invited to be part of a global network to facilitate the theoretical, applied and professional global development of Coaching Psychology. In 2009, Coaching Psychology was incorporated into our Vision, and has become a major driving factor for us. We henceforth became known as the Interest Group in Coaching and Consulting Psychology (IGCCP).

From 2010 to 2012, Aletta and Anna-Rosa le Roux (the first IGCCP Chairperson) established an important and solid foundation by liaising and developing key relationships with the international Coaching Psychology academic fraternity.

Since then, we have taken our Interest Group forward, on various levels.

What we aim to achieve:

• Professionalise the domains of Coaching and Consulting Psychology in South Africa.

• Engage all professionals interested in coaching and consulting psychology in South Africa, and to share the theory, research and practice of our domain.

• Encourage high standards of coaching and consulting grounded in sound research and evidence-based scientist-practictioner application, driven by the specific client’s context.

• Develop and expand our knowledge and skills-base by establishing appropriate criteria, standards and CPD activities.

• Foster co-operative relations with key stakeholders: organisations, government, regulating bodies, interest groups, psychologists, professional bodies and educational institutions.

• Continually influence the science and practice, and stimulate the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience amongst international and local psychologists and other interested parties.

• Promote the development of coaching and consulting psychology as an emerging theoretical and applied sub-discipline of psychology.

• Monitor and hold ourselves accountable for achieving our IGCCP SA Vision, on behalf of SIOPSA.

We are globally connected

• We were invited as guest speakers to the 1st International Congress of Coaching Psychology (London, Dec. 2010).

• The IGCCP was a proud organiser and host of the 1st Southern Hemisphere Congress of Coaching Psychology (Pretoria, May 2011).

• The IGCCP Executive sits on the International Society of Coaching Psychology’s (ISCP) International Steering Committee.

• We provide updates on the developments in South Africa for Coaching Psychology International, the International Society for Coaching Psychology’s (ISCP) newsletter.

• We attend and speak at various international coaching and consulting psychology congresses – in Dublin, Spain, Rome, Paris, Sydney, Mozambique, at the International Congress of Psychology (Cape Town, July 2012), in Edinburgh (December 2013), and at the 5th International Congress of Coaching Psychology and the Society of Consulting Psychology Mid-Winter Conference, in San Diego (February 2015).

Our international MOUs

• The IGCCP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP) in 2011. All members in good standing within SIOPSA are offered free Affiliate membership of the ISCP, access to their website and the Coaching Psychology International (CPI) publication. Our interest group participates in publishing relevant Coaching Psychology updates [CPI, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2012].

• The ISCP is an international professional membership body established to further the discipline and profession of coaching psychology. The international aspect of the Society is reflected in our Honorary Vice Presidents who are based in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, New Zealand, Portugal, United Kingdom, USA, Greece, Sweden and South Africa. In October 2011, the IGCCP signed a MoU with the Section of the Psychology of Organisations and Work (SPOT) of the Col·legi Oficial de Psicòlegs de Catalunya (COPC) to communicate and work together, in support of the development of the Coaching Psychology profession in South Africa and Spain.

• We are also proud to be affiliated with the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Society of Consulting Psychology (SCP), Division 13 (‘The Catalyst Division’) – through our respective organisations’ MOUs with the ISCP.

Our achievement highlights

• We are proud to have launched the Code of Practice for Registered Psychology Practitioners in Coaching at the 16th Annual SIOPSA Conference in 2014 – download a copy of The Code here.

• We conducted a successful Public Consultation process in preparation for the launch of the Code of Practice.

• We successfully developed and facilitatated our CPD-accredited Foundational Coaching Skills Workshop – the competency-building workshop that bridges and aligns the pertinent theory, knowledge and the thinking that are essential for psychology practitioners in coaching.

• We successfully motivated for SIOPSA’s first online Survey facility – where we can gather and learn from the valuable industry-specific opinions and statistics provided by our members and respondents.

• We successfully motivated for SIOPSA’s first online Bulletin Board facility – where we can initiate and contribute to relevant SIOPSA discussions [this requires (free) registeration to participate].

Looking forward

• We are in the process of liaising with the Educational Committee of the HPCSA’s Professional Board of Psychology regarding the professional alignment of the Code of Practice and the List of Practitioners – (the List of Practitioners aims to provide due recognition to registered psychology practitioners who practice within the field of coaching psychology).

• As part of the IGCCP’s strategic objectives and inclusive stakeholder-engagement model, we will continue to liaise and build our Value Proposition and our relationships with the key Academic, Corporate and Governmental stakeholders.

• The IGCCP will continue to represent SIOPSA within the International Coaching and Consulting Psychology spheres. We will utilise this forum to reflect, to learn, and to build on our mandate of professionalising these domains in South Africa.

• The IGCCP will continue to liaise with the SIOPSA Regional Chapters, with regard to hosting our CPD-accredited Foundational Coaching Skills Workshop.

• We will continually update and incorporate all the valuable feedback we receive from our public consultation of The Code of Practice document, and we will continue to encourage ongoing participation in this regard.

• We also aim to further encourage broader academic, industry-specific and public consultations, with regard to integrating and consolidating the Code of Practice for Registered Psychology Practitioners in Coaching.

With thanks,

The IGCCP SA Executive Committee:

• Anna-Rosa le Roux (Chairman)

• Aletta Odendaal

• Steven Breger

• Gail Wrogemann

• Stefan Botes

• Steve Renecle

• Stanley Arumugam

• Johan Olwagen

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