CPSIG (New Zealand)

New Zealand Psychological Society, Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group

The Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group was established as a Special Interest Group within the New Zealand Psychological Society at the end of 2009.  The CPSIG continues to reach out to professionals, particularly psychologists, who are interested in coaching psychology and discovering what they want from the CPSIG and how these aspirations might be met.

The NZ CPSIG hopes to contribute increasingly to theory and practice within the international coaching and coaching psychology arena. We are actively promoting Coaching Psychology with psychologists and with the broader community. We achieve this by being involved in initiatives such as the ‘NZ Psychology Open Day’ and by sharing research, professional development opportunities and developing best practice through our active internet chat group CPNET.

The CPSIG Steering Group members are:

Dr Barbara Kennedy (Co-Chair)
Jonathan Black (Co-Chair)
Angela Baker
Bridget Jelley
Deborah Prideaux

Membership email: membership@psychology.org.nz

Visit the CPSIG Website for more information.