12th International Congress of Coaching Psychology-Spain 2022 (19th-20th May 2022) Virtual 

12th International Congress of Coaching Psychology-Spain 2022 (19th-20th May 2022) Virtual Col·legi Oficial de Psicologia de Catalunya

Theme: Coaching Psychology for the Adjustment of Organisations and People to changes over the next 10 years

The event will focus upon the practice and research of Coaching Psychology. This Two-Day Conference will offer Keynote and lnvited Speakers, Expert Panel and Poster Presentations.


  • Executive Coaching Psychology and Transformational Leadership
  • Collaborative Environments through Relational Coaching Psychology
  • Managing Transitions at the Workplace
  • Coaching Psychology for Mental Health at Organisations
  • Coaching Psychologist’s Competences for the next few years
  • Coaching Psychology for fostering Business Ethics
  • Coaching Psychology for achieving Meaningful Organisations
  • Professional Performance and Positive Psychological Capital
  • Benefits of Supervision in Coaching Psychology
  • Ecopsychology, Climate Change and Organisational Behaviour

Speakers include: Prof Joan Boada (ES) • Prof llena Boniwell (UK) • Prof Silva na Dini (IT) • Dr Maite Durán (ES) • Sam Farmer (NZ) • Dr Miguel García (ES) • Prof Suzy Green (AU) • Dr Anna-Rosa le Roux (ZA) • Prof Roberto Luna (ES) • Xavier Montero (ES) • Dr Siobhain O’Riordan (UK) • Prof Stephen Palmer (UK) • Dr Jelena Pavlovic (RS) • Íngrid Queralt (ES) • Joan Quintana (ES) • Dr Elvira Reche (ES) • Francisco S. Romero (ES) • Prof Reinhard Stelter (DK) • Prof Marisa Salanova (ES) Dr Beatriz Valderrama (ES)

Simultaneous translation: English-Spanish and Spanish-English

More information, visit congress website.

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